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  • How Many Minimum Wage Hours Does It Take To Afford A Two-Bedroom Apartment In Your State?

    (Photo from Upworthy: “ORIGINAL: By the National Low Income Housing Coalition. Found on the Daily Agenda.”)

    From the NLIHC Report: “The Housing Wage in Out of Reach captures the gap between wages and rents across the country, and is the estimate of the full-time hourly wage that a household must earn to afford a decent apartment at the HUD estimated Fair Market Rent (FMR), while spending no more than 30% of income on housing costs. The 2013 Housing Wage is $18.79, exceeding the $14.32 hourly wage earned by the average renter by almost $4.50 an hour, and greatly exceeding wages earned by low income renter households.

    Each year, Out of Reach demonstrates that large numbers of low income renters cannot afford the cost of living in the cities and towns where they work. This edition underscores the challenges facing the lowest income renters: increasing rents, stagnating wages, and a shortage of affordable housing. The urgent solution to these issues is clear: expanding the supply of affordable housing units, dedicated to the lowest income renters.

    Today, one out of every four renter households is an ELI household. There are a total of 10.1 million ELI renter households across the United States, and many of these households lack affordable, safe and well-maintained housing. Over three quarters (76%) of ELI renters spend over 50% of their income on housing costs.”

    Snapshot of States:

    New York (my hometown): 136 hours

    Pennsylvania (my adopted home): 89 hours

    California: 130 hours

    Ohio (Dick’s hometown): 70 hours

    Texas: 88 hours

    Maryland: 137 hours

    D.C.: 140 hours

    Arkansas: 63 hours